At Regent London, we promise to continually support and direct you throughout your course. Our coaching sessions are designed to give you clear and very personalised guidance to ensure that you make maximum progress during your time with us.

Many of you will arrive at the school with very clear goals – to achieve a particular score in IELTS, to enter a British university, to get a promotion at work, to give an effective presentation in English. Many more of you will be learning English to give yourself better opportunities for the future. Our aim is to work closely with each of you to clarify your existing goals and encourage you to push yourself to set more ambitious, challenging targets.

At the beginning of each week, we encouraged all of our students to write out their own learning goals for that week and post them on our coaching noticeboard to demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling that goal. Why not post your own goals in the comments section below? What will you do this week to help improve your language skills? What challenging task might you try for the first time? Let us know your goals and we will give you help and advice to achieve them. Explore coaching in more detail below:

The Regent London coaching model

Top tips to keep you on track

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