Student of the Week

At Regent London, we have some incredibly dedicated students who put in a huge amount of extra work into achieving their learning outcomes. We want to encourage you to push yourself each week, which is why every Friday in our leavers’ ceremony, we recognise the hard work and progress of one of our students. These students are chosen for their dedication to their learning, their application in lessons and their contributions to the class


1st August 2014: Chonlakarn Thamamongood

Congratulations to Chonlakarn who was chosen to be the student of the week thanks to his teachers’ recommendations. He is said to be a really hard worker, asking really good questions and the icing on the cake: He was always on time for his lessons!


25th July 2014 -Ms Juliette D’Amelio

IMG_2070Congratulations to Juliette who was chosen to be the student of the week thanks to her teachers’ recommendations. They said she asked lots and lots of questions in class: some of them relevant!


18th July 2014 -Ms Matilde Morozzi


Matilde was chosen to be the student of the week thanks to her positive attitude towards learning.  For this reason, she has made exceptional progress in English so far.  We have been told that she is a joy to teach!


11th July 2014 – Mr Herminio Haggi

photo 5 (2)This week, Herminio was chosen to be our student of the week for his positivity and friendliness in classes.  He is another great example of a model student at Regent London… but also, we wanted to make him feel a little bit better after Brazil left the World Cup this week!!!  Congratulations and commiserations Herminio:)


4th July 2014 – Mr Daniele Tassinari

Daniele - student of the weekDaniele was chosen as this week’s student of the week for his open minded and positive outlook.  All of his teachers agreed that he deserved the award this week!  So congratulations to Daniele, very well done.  We all hope to see you again in the future.



27th June 2014 – Ms Federica Faraone

photo 3 (2)

Congratulations to Federica for winning student of the week at Regent London!  Federica is a very positive and hard working student who impressed us all with her presentation on James Bond and also with her English homework tasks.  Keep up the hard work!


28th March 2014 – Dmitri Alekseev


This week’s student of the week is Dmitri Alekseev.  Dmitri has been with us for one month and has worked very hard during this time.  He was known amongst teachers and staff for his interest in always being as polite as he could be.  As student of the week, Dmitri stood out for his dedicated approach to language learning and also his friendliness inside and outside of class.  Good luck in the future, we hope to see you again at Regent London.


2nd November 2012 – Sonay Kırlangıç

.This week’s student of the week is Sonay Kırlangıç. Sonay has been with us for many months, and in this time, Sonay has made incredible progress in her English. She has taken a very active part in her learning, and has pushed herself to ensure that she has moved up a number of levels in her classes. She was always wiling to do extra work in her spare time and was a wonderful student to have in class. This was Sonay’s last week with us, and we wish her all the best as she returns to Turkey.

26th October 2012 – Kevser Yalcin

Congratulations to this week’s student of the week Kevser Yalcin. Today was Kevser’s last day at Regent London, but during her short time with us she has been a wonderful student to have in class. Kevser was nominated for student of the week by her teacher Jamie for all of the extra effort she put into her work every day. She always does her homework and is very keen member of the class – always keen to participate in new activities.

19th October 2012 – Natalia Shved

This week’s student of the week is Natalia Shved. Her teachers nominated her for student of the week this week for the progress she has made during a very short period of time at the school. When she arrived, Natalia was very shy in class and unaware of her abilities in English. Her teachers have reported, however, that this week, Natalia has been an excellent contributor in class and has been very active in her lessons. She is also keen to do extra work in her free time to maximise her progress.

12th October 2012 – Zhong Li

This week, it was a unanimous vote amongst our teachers to award the student of the week award to Zhong Li. This is Zhong’s last week at Regent London, and during his time with us, Zhong has made incredible progress, not only in his language ability, but more importantly in his confidence using English. He has been a fantastic student to have in class and we wish him the best of luck for the future as he returns home this weekend. Well done Zhong!

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