Your Learning Style

‘Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.’
Confucius, 450BC

Everyone takes in information differently. In order to learn, we rely on each of our senses to help us process the information and in almost all cases, one of these senses will dominate above the rest. The majority of learners can be divided into three learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic and while there is no right or wrong learning technique for each of us, the more we are aware of our own learning styles, the better we will learn.

So what type of learner are you?

Why not take this test to find out exactly what kind of learner you are? Answer the questions, click submit and the test will calculate what type of learner you are.

How does this help you?

Now that you know what kind of learner you are, you can look at your own study techniques, and see if you are utilising the techniques most appropriate to your learning style

Visual Learners

Use coloured highlighters to mark your notes – use different colours for different information
Write down key words for the information you are trying to learn
Use mindmaps and diagrams to organise your study notes
Draw pictures or sketches next to your notes to make the information more memorable
Use your computer. Studies show that because we read things on a computer screen differently to on paper, visual learners can benefit from reading electronically

Auditory Learners

Play soft music in the background while you are studying. This technique is scientifically proven to help your studying more effective
Ask questions in class. Hearing the information questioned and re-explained will help you to retain information
Record yourself reading out your notes and play it back to yourself before sleep
Use songs or poems by turning key information into verse
Explain your notes to somebody else, discuss the topic you’ve covered or talk through your notes out loud
Kinesthetic Learners

Write key points onto postit notes and arrange them around your room. Take the time to walk around you room and read each postit a few times
Keep active while you study – tap your foot, chew gum or tap a pencil
Study in short blocks – take regular 5 minute breaks to keep your concentration up
Find examples – try to relate information to something familiar
Type up your notes on the computer. The action of typing should help you better retain the information

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